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Danielle Parish Drake

Since Danielle was a young child she would draw fashion designs (starting with fancy T-shirts), on her grandmother's kitchen table for hours. She always wanted to be a fashion designer.  After graduating from USC, Danielle was invested in two things. Her relationship with God and pursuing Fashion Design. Her unique call led her to New York City, where she studied at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York and took classes at FIT-NYC, studied under a Senagalese Tailor and engulfed herself in the Fashion Capital of the World.  Her first taste of Ethical Fashion was a pair of Toms Shoes, with the saying "Be the Change" from the great Mahatma Ghandi.  She's been fortunate to intern and learn from others in LA.  She always tried to be around Fashion and even started AgapaoXpressions, a personal style and women's empowerment lifestyle brand.  

Danielle Parish Drake Bridal is a mix of her two passions, God & Fashion. Thanks to a lifelong friend, Onleilove Alston (pictured in blue) she is able to bring her dream to reality and collaborate with Chika's Closet.  The ethical aspect of Isaiah 61 of feeding and clothing the poor paired with bridal gowns makes her "ethical brand" both Jesus "Yeshua" Centric and extravagantly fashionable.  Just because you like designer brands and to dress up doesn't mean you can't get down and dirty for Jesus (and do some ministry).

Danielle Parish Drake Bridal is Elegant, Cultural, Global, Spiritual and Impactful. She is able to incorporate the embodiment of her life's feminine inspirations and her mixed (Blasian) Cultural Heritage, both Black and Filipino.  All of our dresses are made and hand sewn in Africa, so we are a black owned business with a great cause.  

Danielle is passionate about homelessness and Domestic Violence. Danielle Parish Drake Bridal has partnered with Hope For Children's Ministries out of Zimbabwe (Africa) and a Domestic Shelter in Long Beach, CA where 10% of every dress sold goes to fund these causes.  

If you are interested in making a global impact and changing the way we do fashion, please join us.  Our team combined with talented women are sure to make you feel divine in your bridal gown.  (Pictured is Yemisi Orderinlo, Executive Seamstress).  We look forward to helping you look and feel divine on your wedding day.  

Blessings to you and your marriage.

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