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Every dress goes to support Impoverished communities in Zimbabwe, Africa & a Domestic Violence Shelter in Long Beach, CA.





Danielle Dress.

Inspired by the Creative Director and Designer "Danielle." Her desire of a dramatic convertible dress is a combination of luxury meets function.

Esther Dress.

Inspired by the Creative Director's mother. The secret is revealed by this dress, inspired by the Hebrew meaning of the name, Estare meaning star and her mother's Filipina (pinay) heritage.

Courtney Slip Dress.

Inspired by Danielle's friend Courtney, who like this dress is seamless and classic. For bride, bridesmaid, mother or any wedding occasion, you are sure to standout.

Talitha Dress.

Inspired by my sister. She has a regal timely grace inspired patience. You will feel like royalty dawned in your cape jacket and gold appliqué and sequence. Head turner


Shareen Dress.

Inspired by the Creative Director's oldest sister, "Shareen" Her love of Fashion infused Danielle's sense of style.

Melaina Dress.

Inspired by one of my best friends. She has a unique and creative spirit, never seen before and never to be seen again.

Onleilove Dress.

Inspired by our Partner and Friend, Onleilove Alston, founder of @chickasclosetluv. The fringe is a metaphor for love overflowing, like our partner.

Eugenia Dress.

Inspired by the Creative Directors late Grandmother. She was regal, royal and such a lady. Thus, the victorian style matched with lace, like my Grandmother's doilies. 

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Build homes, feed families, clothe impoverished, support women and children of violence, make a difference and change a life

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