This certificate will grant you 10% off total purchase price for the dress of your choice.  (Please note your deposit is refundable until you chose your dress, change from video recording) Your deposit will be held until you chose your dress.  In addition this deal includes a free veil included with purchase which is a value of $100.  This will be waved and added to purchase of dress.  You will be saving $300 - $600 dress, depending on the price of dress that is chosen.  If you decide not to pick one of our gowns your deposit will be returned.  


The remaining deposit balance of $251 is due in two weeks.  However, once you chose your dress, your deposit is non-refundable.  Your dress however is returnable and refundable.  


Book your savings today and "say yes to the dress."


Present this certificate upon future purchase. And recieve discount.  Your discount can also be applied to dress rentals, which purchase price can be discussed upon booking consultation.  

Dress Deposit Certificate, 10% off dress of choice